A Psychological Review of Kabir Singh

A Psychological Review of Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh

As we know that Indian cinema has made a lot of movies though in some movies they have shown certain psychological aspects. Movies such as dear zindagi, barfi, Devdas and many others. Let’s talk about the latest movie Kabir Singh. Kabir Singh focuses on the title character, an alcoholic surgeon who goes on a self-destructive path after his girlfriend is forced to marry someone else. It is not a cliche romantic film and depicts the theme In a different way.

Kabir Singh is a movie loved and also watched by a load of viewers across the country. Even though it is making a lot of money the themes which the movie is depicting Is not something to be appreciated. Viewers with mental health are seem to have problems while watching the movie as it contains the theme like sexual harassment, substance abuse, toxic masculinity, heroic misogyny and casteism.

Across a period of time it is seen that the viewers get influenced by a lot of movies. Through this movie though the male viewers may get inspired and at the same time we live in a more male dominating society which may later create problems for the woman’s in the society. It can also be seen that you do to this inspiration the woman’s may have more problems about sexual harassment or physical violence.

Viewers with anxiety and trauma may not be able to handle the mental state or may relive those memories which may be the triggers for something unhandleable. Delete all the main characters of the movie is shown to be a person with a lot of personality issues which the viewers may not be able to see as a fault and start practising it in the day to day life.

The way the glorification of the lead character is done somehow shows the way our society is or was in the earlier days. Even though I like the movie I would say that the negative aspects of the characters should have been lower down a bit because the way the male character is treating the female character is extremely unhealthy or more of dominating which should not be the case. As the youth now a days gets a lot influenced by this types of movies the makers of the film should also take that into consideration.

By Prasanna Shah

BA Psychology

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