Dr. Suhas Doshi (M.D. Psychiatry) is consultant psychiatrist at Ahmedabad. Having completed his M.B.B.S. from V.S.G.H. hospital, he went on to do his M.D. in psychiatry at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, procuring a gold medal for his academic prowess.

During his residency, he participated in three major Government psychiatric projects on mental health awareness namely a poster campaign, mental health first aid for grassroots social workers and nursing staff, and spreading awareness among school teachers regarding childhood psychiatric problems.

He was also involved in the psychiatric training of physiotherapy and nursing students and has been an ex-assistant professor at Kesar SAL Medical College.

He is a visiting Consultant Psychiatrist at B.M. Institute, Ahmedabad in the Day Care Unit. There the chronic clients are trained to get back to their normal life.

His keen interest in CBT keeps him focused on areas like anxiety disorders (particularly OCD and panic disorder) and depression.

He received his training in CBT from Andrew Beck, a CBT specialist at Salford University, U.K. He also deals with clients suffering from Borderline/Histrionic personality and conversion disorders.

For the last 7 years, he has been actively involved in CBT training of psychologists and psychiatrists in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

He has trained around 250 participants to date through different workshops.

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