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Patient Care

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We offer a comprehensive multidisciplinary care package for indoor patients with a team of psychiatrists, medical doctor, psychologists, therapists and activity assistants working in close liaison with each other. The unit is staffed with 24 hour access to on-call psychiatrist, junior medical staff, nursing team and health care support staff.

Patients undergo a details assessment within first 24 hours of their stay that includes the initial comprehensive assessment of psychopathology and severity of the illness. Treatment plans are drawn addressing the management of acute behavioural disturbance; followed by a comprehensive individualized treatment plan specific to address patient’s needs. Ongoing assessment undertaken on daily basis focuses on response to treatment offered, overall  assessment of patient’s functioning, family dynamics and social support availability, based upon which follow up plans are drawn. Intensive treatment is provided on inpatient wards and recovery is promoted from the beginning of admission. We also offer support and counseling to families of admitted patients on a 1-2-1 basis and group sessions are held on frequent basis for family psycho-education.

We offer onsite facility for ECT, laboratory tests, detailed functional and psychological assessment followed by written reports. We also have onsite pharmacy for easy access to medication. We have close liaison with pathology services and EEG/ Brain scans facility providers.
We work closely with our medical colleagues for managing medical, surgical and neurological problems identified during indoor stay of our patients.

On discharge, patients are offered details of their post discharge follow-up and support care package tailored to their needs.

We treat a wide range of psychiatric illnesses from child and adolescent to geriatrics- including schizophrenia, bipolar illness, depression, anxiety spectrum disorders, personality disorders, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, ADHD and acute behavioral disturbances in children.