Parimal Astik

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Parimal Astik stands as an esteemed and accomplished healthcare management professional, bringing over a decade of dedicated service to the healthcare industry. With a repertoire of achievements under his belt, he embodies a commitment to excellence and compassion in all facets of his work.

His proficiency spans across a myriad of essential domains including healthcare operations, administration, public relations, people management, human resources, capacity building, business development, digital transformation, health awareness, and fostering work culture development.

Having undergone over 18 NABH assessments across various esteemed multispecialty hospitals, Parimal possesses an unparalleled understanding of regulatory frameworks, including the meticulous standards set forth by bodies such as MCI and NMC. His tenure in medical colleges has afforded him a deep insight into aligning facilities with these exacting norms, ensuring optimal infrastructure, staffing, and resource allocation to maintain exceptional patient care standards.

Parimal's unwavering belief in the paramount importance of mental well-being is evidenced by his extensive efforts in promoting work-life balance and conducting enlightening sessions on addiction awareness. It is this profound dedication that resonates with the ethos of GIPS Psychiatric Hospital and De-addiction Centre, making it more than just a workplace for him—it's a second home. At GIPS, where the focus is on nurturing mental wellness and combating addiction, Parimal finds purpose and fulfillment in contributing to a cause that touches countless lives with empathy and understanding.

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