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Esha Jhaveri

Ms. Esha Jhaveri

Ms. Esha Jhaveri

Esha Jhaveri
M.A. (Psychology)
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  • Expertise in different Psychological Assessment & Psychotherapy.
  • Areas of Interest include Psychological Assessment and Psychotherapy.


Esha Jhaveri


To pursue a career in a challenging field, utilizing my abilities and skills that developed because of my educational learning, knowledge and experience, in a stimulating and competitive environment that ensures long-term growth


SSG Hospital
Observed Clinical patients | Case histories

Intern Term : Jan’13 April’13

Counseling centre (MSU)

Assessment tools (Administration and Scoring) |
Aptitude test | 16 PF | Misc, SBIT, SLD, VSMS | Case Histories

Intern Term : July’13 – Oct’13

Play and Art Therapy | DASII (Administration and Scoring)

Intern Term : Mar’14 –May’14

GIPS Psychiatric hospital and De-addiction centre
Counseling | Therapy | Thematic Appreciation Test | Rorschach Ink Blot Test | Wechsler Intelligence Test | Aptitude Test

Intern Term : Jan’15-Present


  • Basics of Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS)
  • Assessment Tools
  • Computer Proficiency : Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint 


  • Completed a 6 month foundation course in Clinical Psychiatry and Applied Psychology from May-September 2010 at Hari Om Psychiatric Hospital


The purpose of my study is to check the status of mental health support groups in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. The research is divided into three parts. For the first part of the study,  structured interview of 14 questions was constructed for the president of five support groups namely Parents Association of the mentally retarded, Group for Down syndrome and Autism, Support group of families of people with mental illness and two groups of Alcoholic Anonymous.  For the second part of the study a questionnaire was constructed to measure the attitude of 25 members towards the support group they belonged to. Five members were taken from each support group. For the third part, an online survey was constructed to study the awareness of the support groups in the society. 50 subjects participated in the study. It is an explorative study based on survey design. This paper has attempted to demonstrate the functions of the support group, contribution of the leader, the attitude of the members towards the support group and general awareness of support groups in the society. The leader’s role as an emotional educator is critical to the process of helping group members. The major benefit of the support group is that open discussion of painful thoughts and feelings in a safe and tolerant, professionally-led environment, which best promotes growth and change in the group members, is encouraged. Measures need to be taken by the support groups to eradicate the stigma associated with the disorder. In this study, Members showed positive attitude towards the support group they belonged to. However, the awareness of support group in the society is negligible and measures need to be taken to improve it.

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Hobbies- Jogging, swimming, cycling, doodling, dancing, reading and trekking

Languages- English, Hindi, Gujarati.

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