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Ms. Aditi Chokshi

Ms. Aditi Chokshi

Ms. Aditi Chokshi

Ms. Aditi Chokshi
Masters in Applied Psychology (Clinical), Mumbai University
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  • More than 6 years of experience in conducting Psychometric Assessments & Psychotherapy for Children and Adults of all age groups. 
  • Areas of Interest include Psychometric Assessments , Individual Psychotherapy , Awareness Programmes , R.E.B.T , C.B.T , Metaphor Therapy and Drama Therapy.


Aditi Chokshi

Career Chronicle

Sr. no. Employer Tenure Brief Profile
Target population Work set up
Dealing with the Adult population
1. Gujarat Institute of Psychological Sciences (G.I.P.S.)Hospital, Ahmedabad

2 years

(Apr 17 to present)

  • Inpatient services;
  • Psychiatric population- children and adults;
Team of Psychiatrists and Psychologists

Chonkar Clinic, Mulund, Mumbai

(Neurologist – Dr. DhanshreeChonkar)

1 year 

(Mar14 to Apr15)

  • Geriatric and middle age adults
Independent patient consultation at polyclinic
3. Balikaashram, Vatsaya Trust

6 months 

(Dec14 to Mar 15)

  • Children to young adult female residents.
Team of psychologists

Keshav Gore Samrak Trust

(Consultant Psychiatrist – Dr. Ashish Deshpande)

9 months 

(July 13 toMar 14)

  • Adults
Intern specializing in Clinical psychology
Dealing with Children

Khushi C.P.G.C, Vatsalya Trust, Kanjurmarg, Mumbai

(Consultant  Psychiatrist-Dr. Radhika Sharma)

3 years 4 months

(Jul 13 toNov16)

  • Age group –2years to 18 years
  • Parents
Team of psychiatrist, psychologists and remedial educators. 

Umang Center, Bhandup, Mumbai

(Special Educator- Mrs. AshwiniKarade)

1 year, 10 months (Jan 15 to Nov16)
  • Age group -5 months to 18 years
  • Children with delayed development
Team of psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and special educator

Pankh Center, Mulund, Mumbai

(Occupational Therapist- Dr. Kruti Gala)

10  months 

(Jan 16 to Nov16)

  • Age group -5 months to 18 years
  • Children with delayed development, academic and behavioural concerns
Team of psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and special educator

L.D. Clinic, Nair Hospital, Mumbai Central

(Psychiatrists – Dr. Henal Shah  &Dr. AlkaSubramanyam)

7 months  

(Oct15 toApr16)

  • Children & young adults with scholastic backwardness
Team of psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychologists and remedial educators
5. Aditya VidyaMandir; Little Hearts, Chembur, Mumbai

2 months 

(Mar – Apr 15)

  • Children with special needs.
Paired with a clinical psychologist


Work Experience

Dealing with adults:

  • Key role
    • Dealt with young adults to geriatrics
    • Dealt with patients with intellectual deficits, mood disturbance, anxiety, substance use, poor stress management, psychosomatic complaints, cognitive impairment, etc.
    • Conducted psychological clinical assessments: IQ, personality test and projective tests such as MMPI, MCMI-3, ROR, ASI, etc.
    • Conducted individual counseling and counseling family members

Dealing with children:

  • Key role
    • Dealt with children from age 5 months to 18 years
    • Dealt with children with academic difficulties, behavioural & emotional concerns and with special needs
    • Conducted psychological assessments: IQ, personality testing, projective testing, screening neurodevelopmental disorders and for vocational guidance
    • Conducted psychological counseling for children and parents in individual and group settings
    • Conducted workshops for children, parents and other professional
    • Initiated and aided research conducted by the organization

Core Strengths

  • REBT, Psychological assessments
  • Establishing rapport & empathetic communication in therapy
  • Ability to maintain personal boundaries with the clients
  • Emotional resilience while facing stressful situations
  • Good interpersonal skills, communication skills and the ability to work in teams

Conducted Workshops/ Seminars/ Camps on

  • Conducted a workshop for school teachers aiming at spreading awareness about various neurodevelopmental disorders in children and sensitizing the teachers for the same.
  • “SujanPalaktva” a workshop for parents on effective & appropriate ways of disciplining children. The workshop was divided in 2 batches- one for parents of younger children and one for parents of older children 
  • “Dudh, Tup, Shira, MasaTalaaniSayojan Pala”- parental workshop based on healthy and appropriate communication skills and effective disciplining
  • Funtoosh – A 6-days, Art and Craft based workshop for primary and secondary children. The workshop aimed at  providing a non-judgmental environment for children and foster fine-motor skills, gross motor control, concentration, sustained attention, team work, acceptance of self and others, healthy competitiveness, free expression of emotions, verbal expression, etc. 
  • Parental workshop on “ Effective Communication”  for parents of I.I.T, Powai
  • Jallosh for the children of secondary group (5th – 7th), Vatsalya trust, Kanjurmarg. The workshop aimed at equipping children with techniques to improve cognitive abilities such as sequential analysis, observational skills, sustained attention, shifting attention, short-term memory, reasoning and decision making, concentration, fine motor and gross motor skills, team work, etc.
  • “R.E.B.T for children” a 4-days group therapy for adolescent clients with the objective of acquainting them with basic principles of R.E.B.T and helping them to be more mindful of their thoughts and feelings.
  • Conducted (along with a colleague) a one day group workshop for adolescent residents at the Vatsalya Trust’s Balikaashram in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. The objective of the workshop was to build rapport and help the process of self-exploration in the adolescents with the use of interactive activities based on the principles of Metaphor and Color therapy.
  • Participated in a health checkup camp for young children organized by Umang Child Trust on 13th September, 2015. Role: counseling parents and children, taking brief history and referring for the required therapy (OT, PT, Speech and Special education).

Academic credentials

  • Stood 2nd in College in T.Y.B.A.


S.S.C S.V.P.T.’s SaraswatiVidyalaya, Thane Passed with 63% March,  2006
H.S.C V.G. Vaze College, Mulund Passed with 64% February,  2008
B.A. – Psychology V.G. Vaze College, Mulund Passed with 76.8% March,  2011
M.A- II – (Clinical Psychology) University of Mumbai Passed with 53% April,  2013


Experience during Internship

Interned at-


  • Regional Mental Hospital, Thane
  • King Edwards Memorial Hospital (K.E.M), Parel
  • ChhatrapatiShivaji Hospital, Kalwa
  • Responsibilities-


    • Conducting individual sessions for collecting case history
    • Conducting individual sessions for assessment which included- IQ Testing, Personality Testing, Clinical testing
    • Conducting sessions with family members of the patient
    • Planning sessions for psychotherapy

Training and Workshops attended

  • Certified REBT therapist for children as well as adults
    • REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) with Children from ‘In-vivo Educational Services’ in September, 2013
    • REBT- Basic & Advanced from In-vivo Educational Services in June-July, 2014
    • REBT for Personality Disorders from In Vivo Educational Services in August, 2014
  • Attended a workshop on Rorschach Ink Blot Test- using Exner System held on 2nd May, 2012 conducted by Psychomatrix, Delhi.
  • Attended a two-day training workshop on WISC-IV (Wechsler’s Intelligence Scale for Children) in October, 2013
  • Attended a two-day training workshop on MCMI- III (Millon’s Clinical Multiaxial Inventory) conducted in the Institute for Psychological Health, Thane west
  • Participated in a two-day workshop on Gestalt Therapy by Dr. Sam Manickam organized by the BPA and the  S.N.D.T University in February, 2015
  • Participated in a two-day workshop on Metaphor Therapy by Ms. KirtiBakshi in March, 2015
  • Participated in a one day workshop on “Mindfulness” by Dr. RajendraBarve in May, 2015
  • Participated in a one day workshop on “Theater in Therapy” by Ms. NehaBhut in July, 2015
  • Participated in a two-days training workshop on “Play and Art Therapy” in May, 2016 by Ms. Malini Shah

Extra-curricular activities& Hobbies

  • Air Pistol Basic Training Course in 2004 from RamnarainRuia College 
  • Playing violin since 2009
  • Civil defense courses which included-
    • Basic course in Disaster Management in August 2009
    • Warden (Kshetrarakshak) in September 2009
    • First Aid in October 2009
  • Scout and Guide – 2003-06
  • Participated in NSS in 2009 and 2010
  • Attended a 3 day camp organized by Swami Vivekanand Kendra Kanyakumari, Maharashtra Branch

Personal Dossier

DOB: 29th March, 1990

Marital status: Married

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

Years of experience: 6+

Therapeutic approach: Largely R.E.B.T

Developing skills in Gestalt and Drama Therapy

Aspire to learn- EMDR, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Play Therapy


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Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati


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